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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rethink Your Shrink - Week 4 Weigh-In

Rethink Your Shrink!

Two words:  WHOOO HOOOO!

That describes this week... Triumph after triumph
*Ran twice at the gym*
*Walked for two hours in Washington D.C. (on vacation!)*
*Counted calories strictly on four days*
*Drank more water*
So here are the results.

Last week weight - 210.8

This week weight -208.8

-2.0 lbs

Overall Drop - 3.6 lbs

I feel like I have really broken through and am finally honoring myself!


  1. Great job. It feels great to lose and feels great to exercise, even on vacation, you rock.

  2. congrats on all your victories!!! :) it sure feels great when hard work pays off.