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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rethink Your Shrink! Week 2 Weigh-In

Rethink Your Shrink!

So its Week 2...  

It has been quite the week and I am in a FUNK.  The week started okay with great e nergy and aspirations for greatness.  For some reason it felt like the universe put every roadblock possible in my way... Fatigue, needy kids, that time of the month, cramps, laziness, TV... you name it - It seemed to be in my way. Then, the last couple of days I have been so down on myself and so stressed with life that I feel somewhat helpless.

So, no surprise that the scale showed minimal change...

 Last week weight - 211.2
This week weight - 210.8
-0.4 lbs
Overall Drop - 1.6 lbs

With the clear knowledge that I needed to get off my rear end and MOVE, I chose to come home after lunch and workout.  And because it was such a beautiful day in the Valley of the Sun today, I chose to conquer this...

Camelback Mountain!

Okay, so I conquered about half of it, but anyone who knows this climb, knows it is an advanced climb.  It felt great to be outside in the 70 degree sunshine and it felt good to move.  I struggled the whole way with the thought of how much weight I am carrying on my body and how much different it would feel minus 75 pounds.  You see, there was a day, not so many years ago that I would have never believed that I would be capable of someday running a climb like this, but now my mind can actually conceive of it and I know, without a doubt that I am strong enough to do something like that.  The problem is that my body is still my biggest obstacle.  I spent much of my hike wishing I had a a magic wand to remove the fat.

Anyway, it has definitely been a week of challenge and a week of obstacles (at least perceived obstacles).  I do think that the biggest obstacle I have faced is myself.  So now its time to take myself on and fight through my excuses, negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Goals for the week:
Affirmations upon waking and printed to have with me for stressful moments.
Exercise (Zumba, Gym, Walk/Run) 4 days
Cut Caffeine back to one diet soda/day, one cup of tea/day
No eating after 8pm.


  1. You can do it. I agree that you can sometimes be your biggest obstacle. Once you can get past that things really move. I am really jealous of your weather. I live in Wisconsin and it is 22 today. Enjoy that sun.

  2. sounds like a beautiful day! keep working and you'll totally make it to the top :)

  3. What a beautiful spot to hike!!

    Congratulations on your loss this week!