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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

This has been a pretty good week... Not quite as profound, with a few slip ups, but good nevertheless!

On the positive front, I walk/ran 8 miles!!!  I was under orders to use a walk 5 minutes / run 2 minutes interval throughout.  I held strictly to it, with an occasional longer walk interval.  I felt really good through 5 miles, stopped to fill up my water and the rest was a VERY long journey.  I thought I was going to die the last mile... BUT at about half a mile to go I looked in front of me and there were my husband and two boys walking down the path to greet me and get me back... How cool is that!  It was much easier to finish with them there...
The other amazing thing that happened took place after I got home.  I spent many moments during my run thinking about all of the cancer warriors I am doing this in honor and in memory of.  I thought about Colten and his vibrant smile that always accompanied a blown kiss in my direction.  I thought about Alex and his fight to do absolutely everything we asked of him so that he could get back to playing football.  I thought about Rowan and her obsession with my eyelashes.  I thought about Dominie and her love of the Jonas Brothers and the elation in her eyes when she got to meet them.  I am so blessed to have so many motivations to run this race and to give back to the ones fighting the real battle.  Participating in Team in Training has been so much more than training for a half marathon... It has been life changing.  So, after the grueling eight miles and asking myself several times "How on earth am I going to be able to go thirteen miles?"... I returned home, iced my leg, cooled down and checked my e-mail.  I had a donation notification for a new donation to my fundraising account, but not just any donation.  A donation from the parents of one of my honored teammates... A very large donation that brought be to within a couple hundred dollars of my goal.  
All I could do was cry... profound tears of gratitude and tears that caused me to remember exactly WHY I WILL finish 13.1 miles.  There isn't another option... The sacrifice and pain I may experience in 13.1 miles pales in comparison to what each of my patients has endured.  I am humbled to represent them.

So there you have it...

another week down... another week closer to my goals...
another week of reclaiming my health!
Starting Weight
208 lbs
Today's Weight
200 lbs
Change from last week
0 lb
Total Difference
8 lbs

Sooo Close! I thought this might be the week to dip below 200, but I guess I get even one more week to reminisce, being that once I say goodbye, I am NEVER saying hello again!

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  1. I'm getting so close to 199 too. I can't wait. I'm very excited because I haven't been under 200 in 8 years. :)

    It's awesome you are running that. My father died of leukemia when I was just 2 years old and The Relay for Life is very near and dear to my heart. :)

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