What a release!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sheeeee's Baaaaack!


I talked a lot about my leg injury in my last post...  I have struggled this week with being discouraged and feeling pretty defeated.  I have been "doing what the doctor ordered", but I haven't been happy about it.  Soooo, I have had absolutely no pain for the last several days and planned to wait until I went back to see Steve tomorrow (Monday) to discuss walking and when to give it a try.

So, TODAY...  I couldn't pull my patootie out of bed early enough to go swim before church and as the day went on, all I wanted was to be outside and I have really been feeling the need for stress release... the stress release I get when I run/walk... OUTSIDE... ON THE CANAL... WITH THE TUNES CRANKED... in the beautiful AZ spring weather!

 So, I thought to myself... "Self, what is it that Nike says?" 


So, I just did it...  I decided to start out slow and see how I felt and I PROMISED myself that I would ONLY WALK.  Even if I was dying to run...

AND it felt GREAT!!!

I can't describe the feeling I get... It is a really new experience for me - It is what has hooked me through my training.  Never in a million years would I have expected to love this!  Never would I have expected what it has done for my body, mind and soul.  Never would I have fathomed that I would want to be a RUNNER and that I would become a RUNNER!

NOW... back to training! 

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