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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Fling Challenge Weigh-In #5

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge

This has been an EVENTFUL, WONDERFUL and CRAZY week!

So work is settling down a bit, but this week I encountered another friend and foe...


Easter is my favorite holiday and you would think that I would learn by now that its not a good idea to put my favorite candy and chocolate in my kids easter baskets!


Because I STEAL!!! 

Needless to say... I have eaten a few chocolate robin eggs, jelly beans and more chocolate eggs.  I also had a very nice Easter dinner / birthday celebration for my mom and brother, complete with ham and scalloped potatoes.  On the bright side, I did watch portions much better than usual and didn't over stuff myself... Yea Me! (note the sarcasm...)

The second bump this week is that I haven't been able to run since last Thursday.  I have a little injury that MAY or MAY NOT be a stress fracture.  I will know more later today and should have a plan for the coming weeks... One thing is for sure, I have NO PLANS to not complete my Half Marathon - Hopefully by running and walking, but if I have to walk every single step, I WILL FINISH!

I have been through a ton of emotion over this and yesterday, when I spoke with my Sports Chiropractor and good friend, he gave me an interesting perspective... He said, "don't be discouraged, think of this as a badge of honor... You have committed to something that most won't even attempt and you worked so hard you just broke... but we will fix you and you will be even stronger"  WOW!  First of all, thank God for great friends and encouragers, but second, what a perspective!  So I am choosing to walk forward with this perspective, wear my badge of honor and do what it takes to heal and move forward STRONGER!

Last week, my amazing TEAM INCREDIBLE over at the Hood
maintained a top 5 finish!  We will see what this week has brought forth!

Okay, so here are the stats:

Starting Weight
208 lbs
Today's Weight
204 lbs
Change from last week
+0.8 lb
Total Difference
4 lbs

*could have been worse... thankful for only 0.8...* 


  1. Sorry to hear about the stress fracture. You will get over it stronger. I know you can do it. I love the perspective from the Sports Chiropractor. It's awesome.

  2. under a pound with all that Easter candy and not being about to run? that's definitely a win! :) hopefully you'll get fixed up and back hitting the pavement soon!

  3. Tiffany, I'm so proud of you for being courageous enough to continue with Team Shrinking Jeans. It's a little disheartening to know we're all suffering with injuries at this point, after such a great start, but I know we'll all be there together, and we'll finish even if we're pushing, pulling and carrying each other.

    Glad you had an amazing Easter :) Don't sweat the small gain, but do get rid of all of that candy so you don't steal anymore :)


  4. From a fellow gimp, I feel your pain! But, so glad you're persevering! It will be absolutely life changing to cross that finish line in SD with Team Shrinking Jeans!
    Oh, and I gained from Easter chocolate too. Why does it taste better than any other chocolate. Damn Cadbury.

  5. You will finish. I just know it.

    And I triple heart that you steal your favorite candy. LOVE IT.