What a release!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fling Challenge Weigh-In #2

Sisterhood Spring Fling Challenge
Overall, this was a good week.

On the exercise front, I continued my "shredding" except for the days that I am running.  That Jillian can really kick some tail... I love when she says that the pain is "fear leaving the body" - That is my new motto and let me tell you, I have released a lot of fear!  I also have been continuing with my run/walk training and I had a HUGE milestone this week....

I ran/walked FIVE MILES!!!!  
That is a first for me and the farthest I have gone yet! AND, it felt GREAT!!!!
I am more and more amazed by what I am capable of!

Now for the food front...  I am still having a difficult time.  The stress is still there, but is a bit different.  I am very close to making a decision and am MUCH more at peace.  Thank you, thank you everyone who has prayed with me for clarity - the prayers have really helped and I feel such peace...  That said, I continue to spend my days in a very stressful environment and it is like impulse for me to grab the M&M's out of the bowl five feet from me in the nurses station or to make a "comfort food" meal at home (like chicken n dumplings) or to snack at night.  It all still has a hold on me!

With all of this exercise, I can only imagine what I could release from my body and what I could transform my body into if I found more discipline with eating....

Soooooo, here is my challenge for myself this week...

I will document my calories and everything I put into my mouth on www.dailyplate.com and will report daily to my fabulous TEAM INCREDIBLE over at the Hood

Okay, so here are the stats:

Starting Weight
208 lbs
Today's Weight
206.8 lbs
Change from last week
0 lbs
Total Difference


  1. Journaling what I ate was the key when I first started. Set a calorie goal and stay within it, you'll see results! Promise!

    GREAT JOB with the exercise!! You're doing fantastic!

  2. Tiffany, I'm so proud of you!! Great job on the loss this week and keeping your emotional eating in check. WOOT!

    I'm so excited about our training! SO EXCITED that you exceeded your expectations, too. Five miles is SO much!!!

    Keep up the good work, girl :)

  3. woot woot!!! great job increasing that mileage! :) and shredding to boot!

  4. You can do this!! You are doing an awesome job! When you are stressed and want to reach for those m&m's get up and do a quick little walk...you will forget the m&m and they won't be within reach!! Keep up the good work!!