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Friday, March 26, 2010

Monday Project

The Monday Project

Its time for another Monday Project!
Here were our instructions...
I want to know, how would you finish this sentence? Whatever it is that you do. Whether you run, kickbox, yoga, shred, Gilad, tri, swim, cycle, spin, lift weights, etc… enter your exercise and fill in the blank.

I (your preferred exercise) because ____________.
I have a couple of answers to this...

First - 
I RUN because I am passionate about children with cancer; because every step I take is a step of love for my patients and their families; because it makes me feel ALIVE; because it is an accomplishment; because it is the only thing that relieves all of this crazy stress swirling around me; because I am getting a glimpse of all that I am capable; because I am a strong woman; BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL ALIVE!!!

Second - 
I ZUMBA because I love to dance; because I sweat like crazy; because I love the music; because it makes me feel ALIVE; because it makes me laugh and sing and feel like I am back in college; because it makes me feel SEXY; because it makes me feel like a beautiful woman; 

In a nutshell, exercise makes me feel ALIVE and vibrant and beautiful!

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  1. i love your nutshell - those are 3 things all women should feel about themselves. :)