What a release!

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Monday Project

The Monday Project

Its time for another Monday Project!
Here were our instructions...

“What would it be like if I just started this journey two years from now?”

Hmmmm... I am not sure I really want to think about two years from now...

These things I know for sure:

I would likely weigh more than I do now
I would be two years worth more unhappy
I would have even more sore joints and feet!
I would believe my own lies and rationalizations on a much deeper level
My boys would have difficulty believing anything I say.

I have lived the majority of my life dealing with my weight and learning about myself and what is really behind my eating.  I have "patched the symptoms" with quick fix dieting, but I have also had incredible opportunities to learn my triggers, my emotional connections to food, my habits.  My children are on to my rationalizations and more importantly I am on to my rationalizations!  I am at a pivotal time in my life.... NOW is MY time, not tomorrow and certainly NOT two years from now!


  1. I love it, and you're so right. I scared myself when I thought about this, so I'm glad we're all here RIGHT NOW! :)

  2. Well said! :)

    Thank goodness we all did this now and not 2 years from now.

  3. we influence little ones more than we can every know...good for you putting an end to the bad behaviors!

  4. Great post, Tiffany! If you weren't here right now, I wouldn't know you and that makes me sad!!!

  5. Tiifany, I am so glad you are on this journey with us. I cannot wait to meet you in San Diego!

  6. I didn't want to even contemplate this, either, but I'm so glad I (and you!) did! So glad we're doing this NOW!