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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sister Reunion

I shared a lot about our recent trip to Texas, here... One of the sweetest rewards for traveling to Texas was getting to see my SAH Hookers friends, Christy and Lisa.  We ran our first half marathon together on Team Shrinking Jeans in June and all three of us are training for our next races in November.  All of us bonded as we trained together as a team, and we all have loved sharing the amazing bond of accomplishing something that few people in this world ever undertake. One of the greatest things has been that we have all continued to grow in friendship, sisterhood and as like-minded women striving to live our best lives.

I have said it before and I will take a moment to say it again... I cannot imagine my life without The Sisterhood.  I am absolutely thrilled that I stumbled upon it a year ago and even more thrilled that I jumped in and joined Team Shrinking Jeans really not knowing anyone.  The friendships, humor, encouragement, fun and most importantly the common willingness to challenge one another have literally changed my life and have helped me to invest more in my health and overall well being.  These ladies have become so important to me and have become truly like sisters over the past year.  I relish in their triumphs and they encourage me in mine.  When I found myself right back in my Dark Winter a couple of months ago, the first friends I went to were these ladies.  I had responses from every one of them within less than 24 hours.  THAT is friendship and THAT is sisterhood.  And THAT makes me incredibly grateful!

So, you can imagine my excitement to be able to see two of these ladies while in Texas.  Christy, happens to live relatively close to my MIL where we were staying.  Of course "close" is a relative term, as Christy lives in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the beautiful hill country where many towns are at least 30 minutes apart.  So, we met in Kerrville, a town 30 minutes from where I was staying for a run.  Little did I know just how BIG those hills in the "HILL COUNTRY" would be... We found a track and then parked about 2 miles from it and ran (downhill) walked (uphill) to the track and then did three miles on the track.  Christy was such a good sport with me.  I was not only unaccustomed to hills, but I was still sweating out all of the adult beverages I had ingested at all of the wedding festivities over the weekend, so I walked A LOT!!!  We had such a great time chatting it up and catching up... It was awesome!  After our run, we headed to Starbucks for a well deserved latte and breakfast.  What a great morning!  I left on more than just an exercise high, but on a "I've just spent time with a dear friend" high.
Thanks for introducing me to your HILLS, Christy!  And thank you for your friendship and for taking a step of faith and starting that little website we all love!

If that wasn't enough, we took a little side trip to Austin to see one of David's best friends and to see Lisa, one of my other "sisters"!  Lisa and I were "race buddies" at the Half.  She was nursing an injury, which brought her closer to my pace, so we started together and were together for the first several miles and ended up finishing within a few minutes of each other.  
So, when we got into town and spent some time with David's friend and got the kids to bed, I headed over to Lisa's and we sat on her patio talking, laughing and enjoying a great glass of wine.  She is one funny lady!  It was fun to share the stories of meeting our spouses and stories of those who came before.  SHE has some stories!  Then, we got our families together at one of the most beautiful places in Austin... Oasis.  What a great choice!  We had the perfect little enclosed section of the patio to keep five kids contained and still have an amazing view of the sunset.  Her kiddos are so fun.  Her Sam talked my ear off and my absolute favorite was how he said my name... He was sooo excited to tell me everything and in trying to say my difficult name, it came out Miss Tumbowee (or as I called it Miss Tumbleweed) and then when I asked him if "Miss Tiff" would be easier, he said "yeah, Miss Tuff".  How cute is that!!!  I am so thrilled that we got some "girl time" the night before, but is was fun to hang out together as moms with our kiddos too.  Here are some pics from dinner...
Running Buddies - Reunited!
 Kiddos - passing time while the adults ate...
 Incredible Lake Travis Sunset!
 The "crazy picture" - a bribe for taking a nice pic first!
 A rare opportunity for a pic of Lisa and her kiddos!
Thanks, Lisa, for being so amazing and so authentic!  You are doing an awesome job raising your kiddos and taking care of yourself too!  You inspire me.

So, there you have it!  Love, love, loved seeing two of my SAHs!!!

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  1. How fun!! So glad you gals got to spend some time together!