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Friday, October 8, 2010

Shrinkvivor - Weigh-In #4

It has been another exciting week in the land of SHRINKVIVOR!
Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!
I have to say that my awesome tribe is STILL outfiting, outlosing and outlasting so far...
This was a crazy week for me full of travel, eating out, attending a wedding and seeing great friends!  I am more than thrilled that I was able to maintain, given the travel.

Our fitness challenge was FASTEST MILE.  Could be any one mile during the week...  I blew myself away with an 11:23 minute mile!!!  I thought I was going to drop by the time I finished!  That feeling was followed by total exhilaration! 

In other exercise news... I had the exciting opportunity to see one of my Team Shrinking Jeans SAH's while I was in Texas.  Christy and I got together for a run/walk through the hills of Kerrville with a nice interlude on the High School Track.  It was like having coffee with an old friend (which we did after our run!), and was so good for my soul.  This whole fitness journey has been so amazing for me and there are just many people in my life that don't totally understand it.  Especially the online component.  That's okay, it is a bit different, but I cannot imagine my life without The Sisterhood and without my amazing Team Shrinking Jeans SAH's.  You have ALL been inspiring, supportive, funny, committed and unafraid to throw down challenges!  My life wouldn't be nearly as rich without all of you!

Here's our post-run, post-coffee pic!

On the eating front, I did pretty well all things considered.  I had plenty to confess on Tuesday, given that the alcohol was flowing at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding, the food was amazing and there was a ton of eating out.  I did two things that helped me maintain my weight.  First, I drank my water - minimum of 2-3 liters of water EVERY DAY!  I also kept up with my exercise, walking on one day, running on two days and plenty of running around with the kids.  I will start my medically supervised plan tomorrow, so I am very optimistic that I will be starting to make bigger and more consistent progress.  Our other challenge was to eat our fruits and veggies... I am proud to say that I never have a problem with this - I love my fruits and veggies!  I did great and didn't skimp just because I was on vacation!

I will be posting more about my trip and more about my time with Christy and Lisa soon.  It was a blast to see both of them!

Anyway, I should probably get to the details... The bottom line.

Here are my stats:

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight
194 lbs
This was a bit annoying - I didn't have access to a digital scale, so I was left with an even number.  I will take it and am thrilled to have maintained!

Change from last week

Difference for the challenge
Total Difference
 -21 lbs

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