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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shrinking Days of Summer Weigh-In #2

I run with the Sisterhood

What a week!  I completed my Half Marathon and had an amazing time in San Diego!  You can read all about it HERE.

I made the decision after my weigh-in last week, that I would loosen some of my eating habits in light of the race and taking vacation with my family.  I allowed some extra carbs and definitely ate what I wanted after the race... potatoes have never tasted quite so good.  I also allowed myself to let loose and have drinks at the after party and the next night.  It was a blast!  The SAH's at the Sisterhood definitely know how to have a good time!

On the exercise front, I am still amazed at what I have accomplished through my training for the race.  While entertaining, my stats on dailymile.com are really astounding...
Since the beginning of my training in February, I have 

logged 178.6 miles
burned 8 pounds
spent 39.59 hours running
burned 169.06 donuts!

Pretty amazing perspective!
So, here are my numbers... I expected a gain, given all of the above and the extra FUN had in California.  I was blessed with my monthly womanhood on the night before the race as well.  Between that and all of the electrolytes and alcohol, I can feel the water weight.  No doubt next week will be an exciting weight on the scale!

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight
199.4 lbs
Change from last week
+3.4 lb
Difference for the challenge
+2.8 lb
Total Difference
 15.6 lbs

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  1. woohoo Tiffany! I am so proud of you for what you accomplished last weekend and what you continue to accomplish everyday. Those pesky lbs will come off, you deserved to let your hair down for a few days! hugs!