What a release!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shrinkvivor weigh-in #2

What a week this has been!  I am so excited about SHRINKVIVOR!
Shrinkvivor Challenge at the Sisterhood!
I am so lucky to be part of an awesome tribe...

We are rocking already!
Moxie Maroon Mavens,

How is that for a name!  These are some super gals, who are motivating me and challenging me daily.  I am so proud of our tribe!
This was a pretty darn amazing week... I accomplished a HUGE milestone and broke through YET ANOTHER WALL!  I LOVE a challenge and when I found out that the fitness challenge was a miles challenge, I was excited!  Then, I had to step back and realize JUST how much my life had already changed... I, Tiffany Zook, was excited about a MILES challenge?!?!  What on earth was that?!?! I have come so far... I set out to knock it out of the park and I did!  My total miles between Thursday morning and last night:


On the eating front, I did pretty well.  I have really watched my portions and water, oh the water... I have been drinking enough water to propel me across the ocean afloat.  100 + ounces every day to be exact!  I have also been watching my sugar intake.  Those things combined with the exercise have made for a successful week.

I am looking into some medically supervised eating plans, doing research and weighing the benefits of going that route given the fact that much of my weight gain and difficulty losing is medication related.  Until having medication related weight gain, I never had any difficulty losing weight when I wanted.  I dropped 40 pounds after my first son in less than six months without much struggle and was still able to "indulge" here and there without much impact.  I am currently at FOUR years of carrying 60 extra pounds from the weight I was at after my first son, 50 of which packed on within several months of going on medication for post-partum anxiety/depression.  I have tried WW, calorie counting, South Beach, Blood Type Diet with an average of 1-3 pound loss in the first month to six weeks.  The only positive has been that I seem to have mastered maintaining my weight give or take 5 pounds... Just not the optimal weight. I finally found success using an appetite/craving control supplement with following a low carb/low calorie (1200/day) eating plan combined with training for my first half marathon and dropped 19 pounds over the course of six months.  This was great, but slow, slow.  I know the saying... slow and steady wins the race... Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I also know how this 197 pound body feels running.  It feels like I am carrying another person with me.  I have been making incredible strides with my speed and breathing, being able to run at and 11-12 minute/mile pace... as long as I continue on with my walk intervals.  I am mentally ready to drop the walk intervals... My body just isn't seeming able to maintain the pace.  It is a lot to ask of my frame carrying this much extra.

Anyway, all that ramble to say that I am looking at a medically supervised program that incorporates a similar medication to the supplement I was taking before.  This program has been very successful for others with medication related weight gain.  Part of the program is a year of maintenance to assist/ensure that patients are supported to implement lasting/effective habits.  I have a few more questions to be answered before making a final decision, so stay tuned...

Here are my stats:

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight

 (I can't believe I actually took a picture...)
Change from last week
(feel like it should have been more, given the exercise...)
Difference for the challenge
Total Difference
 -19 lbs


  1. 24 miles?! That is awesome!

    You'll get there, just keep up the awesome work. :)

  2. You totally rawked this week, girl! So proud of you. And I'm hoping that this new avenue is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. You are doing amazing at being healthier. So proud of you!

  3. 24 miles is AMAZING!!! I feel like such a slacker :P

    Great job on the loss, and more importantly figuring out what works for you!!!

    I love you, girl!

  4. You are amazing. I'm only a few pounds heavier than you and I cannot even FATHOM 24 miles. You are doing so well and I'm really proud of you for not giving up with the medication related problems. You will get there. You're living a healthy lifestyle. And I'm sure once the medical-related stuff is figured out you'll shed the extra weight. :)

  5. excuse me missy, but you lost almost 2 pounds this week - that's something to be proud of. not to mention all those miles! great job.

  6. WTG on your miles!!! You rocked it. :)

  7. Great job!!

    Onto another great week!

  8. You my dear are a rock star! I just love having you on our team! You got so many miles in and I am so proud of you! Go Team Maroon!


  9. Fantastic, fabulous, way to go, you rocked it. Congrats on breaking through a wall and all your successes this week.

    Go Team Maroon!