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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Down & Dirty in 30 Weigh-In #5

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

All I can say about this week is that I am in "ready for vacation" mode...   Hubby and I leave on Friday for four days away WITHOUT kids.  This will be our first trip alone in three years!  AND, Friday is my birthday, so it is a bit hard to be focused right now.

I had a GREAT run on Saturday - 7 miles and this time I beat last weeks time - struggled a bit with my breathing, but got it done!
While the scale didn't reflect it totally, I have made some great changes this week.  I am going meat-free and really limiting my dairy.  I have always struggled with dairy anyway, so that part isn't a real biggie.  I have tried new things and new recipes, and albeit very good and healthy, know that I have overindulged a bit in grains.  I will continue to tweak.  I also took a "de-stress" workshop and there was a whole piece on mindful eating - you would not believe how much less you can eat, simply by being "present", chewing your food completely and truly enjoying the flavors.  It was very eye openning.
So while this challenge hasn't ended up being super successful for me, I embrace the fact that I am in a bit of transition with medication, stress and diet.  So, I continue to put one foot in front of the other.

You can check out my fabulous team the The Cute Calorie Cutting Challengers, HERE 

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight
Change from last week
+0.2 lb
Difference for the challenge
+0.4 lb
Total Difference
 -18.4 lbs


  1. you and i had similar results with the scale this challenge, but we can't let that define us.

    enjoy your vacation!!!! :)

  2. You are doing great. O.4 pounds are practically nothing and you've made some big changes right now. Once you get your new diet figured out you will be losing again before you know it.

    Have fun on your vacation!

  3. Congrats on your long run....that's awesome! Enjoy your vacation with hubs...you so deserve it girl!

  4. Way to go Tiffany! Congrats on the long run, that is great!

  5. Slow and steady wins the race, friend. You are doing fantastically awesome and I cannot wait to see you in a few weeks- woot woot!!!!

  6. I second what Brooke says!!! And also happy birthday!! And have the best kid-free weekend ever! Woooohooooooooo!!!!

  7. http://www.firstgiving.com/kristimcpoland

    Here's the details on the HopeWalk...it's Mia's fundraising page, but it has the location and time etc. I HOPE you can make it...all the nurses from POTC are going. Yay! It's on my blog as well, top left.

  8. I hope you have a great birthday and time away with your husband. You did a great job this month keeping everything together with all the stress and changes in medication you have been going through. It's inspiring to watch you work through things in such a positive way.

  9. It kind of sounds like you DID have a super successful challenge with the changes you've made! Great job!!