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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Down & Dirty in 30 Check-In #1

Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans

Its been awhile... Lots going on.  Will blog in detail later.  So we have started a new challenge at the Sisterhood and its a team challenge!  I LOVE the team challenges.

You can check out my fabulous team the The Cute Calorie Cutting Challengers, HERE

I am going to be short and sweet, so I can get out the door and go to work...

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight
196.2 lbs
Change from last week
-0.0 lb
Difference for the challenge
-0 lb
Total Difference
 -18.8 lbs


  1. you did better than me this week. maintenace is something to be proud of - especially during a busy week =) great job Cutie!

  2. Nothing wrong with maintenance! You are doing great! Have a good day at work.

  3. After the couple of weeks you've had, I'd say you are doing great! ((hugs)) and lots of love coming your way.

  4. Maintenance def beats gaining! 3 more weeks to rock it!

  5. Don't get discouraged! You still have lots of time to ROCK this challenge, and I know you will!