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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shrinking Days of Summer Weigh-In #7

I run with the Sisterhood

This has been a better week!

This week has continued to be challenging in the eating department, but each day I have taken a step forward.  The steps have been baby steps, but nevertheless, steps in the right direction.  With summer being here, I have definitely succumbed to some of my summer "favorites" - Ice cream, Hot Dogs, Ice Cream, Pizza, Ice Cream - Notice a trend?  It started "here and there" several weeks ago and instead of being a one time deal, I have continued to dabble in all of the "delights of summer".  This week, specifically starting on Sunday, I made adjustments each day.  While not perfect, each day I made progress.

On the exercise front, this week was PHENOMENAL!  I got back to run/walking... about 10 total miles!  I swam (playing with the kids) two days and last night I decided to get wild and crazy and challenge Christy to Shred together... Of course, being the competitive hooker that she is, she obliged!  

Just for kicks, this is my "before shred" picture:

And THIS is my after pic... I was drenched!

And of course, Christy returned the challenge to me for tonight!  Like I tweeted to her last night... THIS is what the Sisterhood is all about and why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Sisterhood!  We aren't afraid to challenge one another and love & encourage each other through the challenges! We will see how this goes with my run/walking.  I know I can commit to doing it on my non-run days and will feel out how the run days go.  

One thing I know for sure is that I am much more motivated to eat well when I am exercising hard and I knew that I had to get my exercise ramped up in order to be successful in getting back on track with my eating.  I also find that my emotions and my stress level are much more balanced, thus leaving me with less propensity to "eat my emotions". I have made HUGE strides in my exercising this week! 

So, here are my numbers... Finally I see 195 something.... I wondered if the day would come! Its a move in the right direction!

Starting Weight
215 lbs
Starting Weight for this Challenge
Today's Weight
195.6 lbs
Change from last week
-0.6 lb
Difference for the challenge
-1 lb
Total Difference
 -19.4 lbs


  1. Okay, so you know I have to join the challenge right? Please be sure to give me a kick in the rear and tweet me too! Hopefully I can get some walking in today and then I am shredding. I'll start at the very beginning!

  2. great job tiffany!!! :) sounds like you're doing all the right things.

    i had to put my ice cream in the sink yesterday. just let it melt and wash down the drain. :(

  3. I love these pictures of you. They are awesome! And I'm so glad you and Christy are shredding together. The kids killed my DVD, so I'm going to have to get another, but I'm waiting to see what Coach Joe has in store for me in the training plan department before I commit to anything. Love you!

  4. Yippee Tiffany- you are a rock star!!!!! I might not recognize you in October.

  5. Summer eating is such a challenge for me too (but so can winter eating)!! Ha ha! I feel your pain. But we can survive! Good job on the loss btw!

  6. Go Tiff!
    PS. I love McDonald's soft serve and it's a problem. I need an intervention.

  7. Gah. Google just lost my first comment. Ok, maybe I did, but I prefer to blame it on the internet or my computer - anyone but me, of course! ;)

    Ice cream - especially chocolate chip cookie dough is my all-time favorite and I want it all. the. time.

    On another note, YOU are doing terrific!!!! :)

  8. THAT is what I love about the hood too!!! keep ROCKIN'!!!

  9. You are doing amazing! Summer is a huge issue for me as well because ice cream is at the top of my list, too. I try and keep it at bay by having Golden Spoon frozen yogurt instead, but I can easily overdo it on that as well if I don't watch it. :-P